Organic Advocacy has the expertise you are looking for to help grow your organization’s visibility and impact. Decades of experience leading successful campaigns, policy initiatives, and cutting-edge research qualifies us as the experts you need to facilitate your success as a thought leader and change-maker. We are strategic thinkers, skilled writers, idea-generators, opinion leaders and experienced advisors that offer you the following services and more:

  • Thought Leader Advising – As your personal strategic advisor, we provide a confidential space for you to explore challenges that are limiting your success as an organizational leader. We help you clarify your vision for the work you do and devise a plan for accomplishing your personal and professional goals. As you begin implementing your plan, we provide regular support, guidance, feedback and assistance in changing course, as needed. We are also available to brainstorm ideas, and develop creative projects, innovative political strategies, provocative public outreach campaigns and bold policy initiatives that raise the profile and impact of your organization or program.
  • Campaign Development ‐ By teasing out the foundational issues and values that drive your work, we help crystalize your campaign’s vision and goals. We work with you to create a laser- sharp assessment of your organization’s or project’s unique contribution to the sector(s) in which you operate and those you aim to influence. In the process, we map the landscape of those doing related work in order to identify allies, collaborators, and potential obstructers, as well as the institutions and individuals that have the power to implement the change you seek. Our deliverables include “how-to” strategy sessions that aid you in figuring out how to capitalize on your strengths and maximize your influence on government decision makers, corporate market behavior and public opinion.
  • Policy Analysis – Decades of NGO leadership and active participation in international, national, state and regional policy-making arenas qualify us to provide strategic analysis and advice to thought leaders seeking to markedly influence government legislation, policies and programs. We possess substantial knowledge and expertise on a broad range of topics related to environmental protection, climate change, sustainable organic and regenerative agriculture, as well as toxic pollution and its environmental, human health and social justice impacts. Deliverables include analyses of bills, laws, policies and regulations and expert written and oral testimony tailored to a variety of government decision-making venues.
  • Investigative Research ‐ In close consultation with our clients, we design a comprehensive scope of study linked to desired outcomes and target audiences. Our game plan for conducting research and the agreed upon deliverables emerges from that consultative process. Our team conducts investigative research, personal interviews and literature reviews. We also create and execute unbiased surveys and analyze the data compiled. In a comprehensive final report, we present our research, findings, analyses and detailed recommendations for change.
  • Outcome-Based Meeting Facilitation ‐ We work with clients to create a strategic meeting agenda, driven by meaningful outcomes and associated with actionable agenda items. Our facilitation style ensures that everyone at the table has an ample opportunity to contribute. All meetings conclude with an agreed upon plan of action, complete with goals, a timeline and list of participant roles and responsibilities.
  • Organizational Visibility and Branding – We elevate your public profile and influence by writing everything from articles, press releases, blogs, position papers and lobby briefs, to PowerPoints, factsheets, tweets and taglines.