Services that Offer Big Picture Results

Organic Advocacy is committed to working collaboratively with our clients to design and produce high quality products and services tailored to their unique needs. Based on decades of leading successful campaigns and policy initiatives, Organic Advocacy has the expertise you are looking for to help grow your organization’s visibility, credibility and impact. We offer the following services and more:

We can help your business grow like a sunflower!

Campaign Development ‐ We work with clients to tease out the most salient issues and values that drive their work; help develop short and long term goals; assess the landscape of organizations doing similar work; identify allies and collaborators; evaluate which institutions and individuals hold the keys to affecting the change you seek; and facilitate the creation of a strategic roadmap and management plan.

Investigative Research ‐ We work with clients to produce a detailed scope of study and list of expected outcomes. Depending on their needs, we conduct intensive literature reviews and analyses; design and administer unbiased surveys and/or personal interviews; analyze data and present findings; develop policy recommendations; and produce a final, comprehensive written report.

Outcome-Based Meeting Facilitation ‐ We work with clients to develop meeting goals, an agenda and meaningful outcomes associated with each actionable agenda item. Our facilitation style ensures that everyone at the table is offered an opportunity to contribute to discussions. Before the meeting ends, we ensure that agreement is reached on a plan of action and individual roles, responsibilities and a timeline for completion.

Policy Analysis and Expert Testimony ‐ We analyze bills, laws, policies, regulations and guidance and produce expert written and oral testimony for our clients. Based upon our extensive experience in public policy making arenas, we provide strategic advice, analyses and recommendations on organic agriculture and food policy related matters.

Media Visibility & Branding ‐ We assist clients with everything from writing press releases, blogs, tweets, taglines, position papers, lobby documents, factsheets and video shorts, to creating photo essays and conference displays.